Bittermilk: Holiday Edition


We're back with more from an amazing Charleston based company, Bittermilk. This is our second post featuring Bittermilk and we're so excited about it! It's getting very close to the holidays and we can promise you that this product makes for an excellent gift. If this were under our Christmas tree, or in our stockings, it would make for a mighty fine holiday, indeed.

Every year Bittermilk releases a limited edition Bittermilk No. 7, and this year the flavor is Peppermint Chocolate Julep. I just sounds like Christmas in bottle, and quite honestly, it is. We picked some up and wow did we have fun with it, it's a perfect holiday mixer. 


Here's What We Did

1/2 oz Bittermilk No. 7 Peppermint Chocolate Julep                                                                                                   2 oz of your favorite Bourbon                                                                                                                    

Now these two ingredients alone are more than enough to have you satisfied. Just combine the two in an ice filled double old fashioned glass or a julep cup filled with crushed ice. Garnish this drink with some mint and of course a candy cane. You'll love every sip of this drink that Bittermilk has created this holiday season.

Bittermilk holiday.jpg

Now by no means are any of the Bittermilk products lacking, we love them all. We're just going to give a few ways you can take this a step further.

You can start by muddling a little bit of mint in a shaking tin before adding bourbon and Bittermilk No. 7. You can also drop some mint bitters in that same shaking tin, with or without the fresh mint. Additionally, if you want less mint and more chocolate, add some chocolate bitters to the mix. Either way you will have a great, always refreshing and warming beverage that is sure to be a holiday crowd pleaser. 


Most importantly, we want you to have fun and so does Bittermilk. They're simplifying the drink making process so that you can have more fun with your guests, rather than spend all your time mixing cocktails. They want you to take full advantage of the amazing things they're doing!

Bittermilk holiday2.jpg