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Advent: An Intentional Preparation

I remember one Sunday, feeling desperate to hear the Christmas music, I packed up my sick child, paced the floor of the lobby during the service, and left before the service was over. It was a very lonely feeling that year. But the beauty of that year, is that it forced me to realize that I didn’t have to be in a church service in order to prepare my heart for worship. While it’s helpful to have others around you as you worship, God desires to meet us in our solitude as well.

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Advent: Longing for a Savior

Guest Post by Susie Walrond:

In a world where our attention is jerked around by media, it's crucial for me to be intentional about knowing Jesus and making Him known both in my home and to the world. I want my children, and my grandchildren, to understand that we--all people--are the reason He came.  The reason He's here and coming again. Advent.

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