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The Watermelon We've Been Waiting For

A little time ago now we wrote a story about Nat Bradford and the work he’s doing to bring back some lost and forgotten edibles — edibles that would have been very prominent, especially in the Carolinas. He’s putting food that is thought to have dominated the menu of the day back on the table: Ground Nuts, Dutch Fork Pumpkins, Candy Roaster Squash, Carolina African Runner Peanuts and more.

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Sowing Seeds of Faith

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to meet Nat Bradford. Nat is a talented man, and one of those talents lies in sowing. Saying that he has a green thumb doesn't do him any justice, though. After meeting with Nat on his farm, watching him work, and listening to the things that he's passionate about, I know that he most likely bleeds green. If it can be planted, Nat can make it grow and produce. 

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