What I'm Drinking...Right Now!

The weather here in Charleston is getting hot. In fact, it’s getting stupid hot! And it’s not so much the temperature as it is the humidity. You can’t open the door without sweating, or as the sophisticated would say, without glistening. It’s that time of year when I hear an awful lot about Kayla’s frizzy hair problems, and when the A/C just isn’t quite cutting it on the extra extreme days.

What’s my solution? Great question! 

It’s what I’m drinking right now. 

I realize that doesn’t sound all that great. Saying that the answer to any problem is having a drink because it’s certainly not. But in this case, these aren’t really problems so much as they are life in the South. The heat is a constant and on those mornings/afternoons/evenings when circumstance allows, yes, I'm going to have a drink. And yes I meant mornings/afternoons/evenings... I don’t discriminate because the heat doesn’t either. 

gose beer
Gose Flowers

Right now sour beers are all the craze and I have to admit I’m right in the heat of it. I love IPAs and I always will. This is America after all. However, there’s nothing better than a great sour beer on a hot day. I don’t know what it is, but it’s amazingly refreshing and the typically low ABV means you don’t have to stop with one.

Living in the Charleston area also means having great access to wonderful breweries and some are pumping out great sours on a regular basis. The one that I’m drinking right now is from Westbrook Brewing in Mount Pleasant, SC. It’s their take on a traditional Gose (pronounced goes-uh). This is a traditional German style sour wheat beer, usually brewed with coriander and salt. Westbrook’s Gose is kept fairly traditional but as they describe it themselves, it’s sour, salty and delicious. 

On a hot Summer day, this is a go to! It is fully distributed and can be found in just about any place in the Carolina's that sells beer. You won’t find it in SUNOCO or any other gas station, for that matter, but trust me, look around, or call around and you’ll find it. I don’t think you’ll be the least bit disappointed! What are your go to drinks for to beat the heat? Any places or brews we should check out?

- Phil

Want to learn more about Westbrook? Check their website out at www.westbrookbrewing.com; their Instagram at @westbrookbrewingco  or Facebook at www.facebook.com/westbrookbrewing - Enjoy!

Gose and Palmetto