Sewn to Restore: Elegantees

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Editors Note: To say I have butterflies about this post might sound a little dramatic, but it's so true. Not only do I have the pleasure of spotlighting a company I am so passionate about (Elegantees), I also get to showcase the work of my sweet friend Nicole from N. Mickle Photography -- all of these images are her work, and I'm so very proud of her talent and her heart! Go check her out and definitely reach out to her if you are in the Charleston area! Also, there is a Elegantees discount code at the bottom for our readers!

Just over a year ago I started to hear more about ethical clothing and the negative impact that the "fast fashion" industry is having on our world. I had no idea how poor the conditions, wages and treatment of most factory workers really was until I dug deeper. How could this still be going on, and how as a society are we allowing it (even enabling it) to happen? Not only are conditions awful, but many people, (including children) are being forced into situations where they are sexually exploited and enslaved. Even today, slavery is still in existence and a thriving criminal industry...sadly many of the products that you and I currently buy can be traced back to slavery. So how do we begin to tackle such a large and devastating problem? How do we actively fight for the voiceless? 

Businesses like Elegantees are taking a firm stand and using ethical fashion to actually restore hope to victims of sexual crimes, create sustainable jobs and empower others. 

Below is a little of their story and why I'm in love with the way they do business...

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Elegantees' beautiful pieces, like the Kristina ruffle tee I'm wearing, tell an amazing story. Each item is designed in New York City by owner and creator, Katie Martinez. From there each piece is handmade in Nepal by a dozen women who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Sadly, Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world and ranks high in the area of human trafficking. To help combat this, Elegantees partners with the non-profit K.I. Nepal to make a positive impact in the area of trafficking. Every year this organization rescues more than 20,000 women and children (yes, 20,000!!!) from being sold into slavery. Elegantees works with K.I. Nepal to provide employment and skill training for those that they counsel. 

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This is more than just a company that makes dresses and tops. Their mission is literally to restore hope through the sewing of each lovely piece. My husband bought me my first dress from Elegantees this spring, and since then I've added two more tops and another dress because of how versatile and comfortable each item is. The best word I can associate the fabric with is butter...literally they are buttery soft on your skin and create the most elegant basics for your wardrobe.

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The issue of sex trafficking and even "fast fashion" has seemed overwhelming at times. It's a huge and devastating problem. Yet if we each made the decision to support organizations like Elegantees that are ethically and thoughtfully making their clothes, we could see change. Our purchases matter...each purchase casts a vote, and we get to choose the world we want to live in. Why not vote by actively supporting organizations that are storming the gates of modern day slavery?

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With summer coming to a close, there are some AMAZING deals on Elegantees pieces, to include this pretty petal pink shirt I'm wearing in these photos! Also, you can use the code ELLEANORANDINDIGO at checkout and get 15% off you purchase!! This is great timing because their new line "Organica" just released for fall -- and it's not only gorgeous, but each piece is made exclusively from organic cotton. You can check out those pieces here.

Shirt: KRISTINA Tee in Petal
Shoes: Piper in Ivory Leather by The Root Collective
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*This is not a sponsored post. I truly love and support Elegantees. I am sharing them with you because they are a staple in my closet and their mission is one that I believe in.