Botany Bow Ties

Chad & Irmantas

A huge part of what we’re looking to do with Elleanor & Indigo is to let our readers know about great products for themselves or their loved ones. We feel like so far we’ve been able to do just that. Now we’re looking to continue that trend and highlight a product that we absolutely love and we think you will too.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Irmantas, the owner of Botany Bow Ties based in Charleston, SC. He and his partner Chad graciously allowed us to ask several questions about the company as well as host a small photoshoot. His story is an amazing one that we’re so excited to share with you. 

Grass Bow tie

Irmantas was born in Lithuania where he lived until he was 11 years old. At that time his mother, who was seeking to make a better life for herself and her family, moved them to the United States. That was 16 years ago and now Irmantas calls Charleston home. And as a Charlestonian he is very proud of the fact that he lives in such a wonderful place. Although the idea for Botany Bow Ties wasn’t always in his mind, all it took was a matter of circumstance to see the idea come to fruition. 

Stairs Bow Tie

Irmantas and his partner Chad had purchased tickets to a Great Gatsby red themed party in Charleston. As you can imagine such an event calls for elaborate and dapper duds. However, Irmantas didn’t think the suits they had were quite what they needed for such an evening. Already an artist by trade as a graphic designer, Irmantas knew he could do something creative about it. He took apart several roses and adhered the petals to the ordinary bow ties he and Chad were meant to wear. They immediately got praise for the ties and the idea for Botany was born.

Ivy Bow Tie

It took about three years of contemplating designs and materials, but Irmantas and his team began using eucalyptus plants as the base for the ties. After experimentation and sourcing materials, the business began to flourish. Irmantas began doing everything himself from designing each tie to sowing the ties. Now Botany is a team of 4 who each bring something new to the table. The vision the team has for Botany is simple, they aim to create unique bow ties that elevate the wearers look. Exploration through natural plant mediums and innovative designs are central to the products they create. 

Thistle White Bow Tie

Botany Bow Ties came together unexpectedly, but there goal is to be a trustworthy company with the ability to continue growing in Charleston. Currently Botany is working to expand the product line. They would love to see sweetgrass bowties become the next tie in their lineup. Another adventure they are stepping into is creating real floral bowties for weddings — bow ties made of real flowers and that can then be dried and either saved as a keepsake or worn again. They know this will be a huge challenge but they are up for it. 

Chapel Bow Tie

Currently Botany sources the foliage for the ties from a small business in California while getting the gift boxes the ties are shipped in from a company in North Carolina. Irmantas wants to ensure that Botany is doing its part to support other small businesses and we love that about them. They are also 100% behind the “Made in America” movement. This is a country of wonderful opportunity and Irmantas is living proof that the American dream can come true. 

Bow Tie Line Up

These bow ties are truly a work of art, each one is handmade right here in Charleston and takes about 2 and a half hours to make, to include sewing, designing the petals and adding all the finishing touches. Irmantas couldn’t tell us his favorite of his team's ties and we can understand that. Each tie us unique, yet another reason to love them, and picking a favorite is just impossible to do. 

Birch Phil

The team at Botany offers custom colors on the fabric they have chosen for the ties. They can match for wedding outfits or just about any themed event. However they want the original foliage design to be cohesive and recognizable so that doesn’t change. They want people to know that the tie they are wearing is a special piece, handcrafted by amazing people as works of art. They want everyone to know the name Botany Bow Ties and so do we. 

Black Autumn

When Irmantas isn't hard at work he enjoys renting a bike in downtown Charleston in order to explore. He also enjoys attending retail store openings and making appearances at various events where he can mingle and network with other local business owners. Irmantas and Chad love the Park Circle area of North Charleston and we don’t blame them. One of there favorite spots to grab a bite to eat is EVO Pizzeria, followed by a glass of wine at nearby Stems and Skins. 

Red Bow Tie

What a pleasure it was spending several hours with Irmantas and Chad. They were both so warm and inviting. All of us were a little nervous at first, but we feel like our personalities meshed so well and that put us all at ease. The first half of the E&I (our toddler!) was also with us keeping us all entertained.

We can’t stress enough how wonderful the products of Botany are and how important it is for everyone to shop local. Supporting your local economy is a surefire way to ensure the sustainability and growth of your community and here in the Charleston area community is what it’s all about. 

To learn more about Botany Bow Ties visit their website HERE or check them out on Instagram at @botanybowties. It's a perfect time to see their products because they just released new items!! Their fall bow tie, the Maton, is stunning, as well as their newly released amazing pocket squares!