Trades of Hope: Changing Lives

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Fashion that empowers and provides a better future is my heartbeat. Just over a year ago I really started researching how I could more intentionally purchase products and support businesses who are making an impact on our world. With the endless amount of online and department store options for accessory and home items, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. However, businesses like Trades of Hope are making it really easy to purchase in a way that changes lives.

Trades of Hope sells ethically made, fair trade jewelry, accessories and home decor items from artisans around the globe - 15 countries to be exact, to include the U.S. Even more inspiring is the way TOH is partnering with artisans to provide a better life for their employees. Many women partnering with TOH have been victims of abuse and sexual exploitation, others have experienced the brutality of war in their countries. Other women that TOH support have fallen ill with aids or leprosy and are cast out by society. Trades of Hope is working to rewrite these stories of pain.

These women are just like you and me. They have families they love and need to support. They want a safe and stable life. They want to create and feel empowered in their craft. 

Trades of Hope helps to market their artisans' products through online sales and home parties. The money brought in helps to not only support the women making the products, but it also helps to provide healthcare and education to their family members.

I personally love that TOH has a variety of jewelry options and ALSO home decor and accessories. There is definitely something for everyone! If you are looking for a way to make a positive impact, you can help this week through a special shopping experience just for you!

My friend Stephanie Taylor, a Compassion Entrepreneur, introduced me to Trades of Hope this summer and the opportunity to host an online party. As a cancer survivor, mom of two, and all-around girl boss, Stephanie inspires me so much every day! Out of her journey through cancer a few years ago, she found Trades of Hope and pursued it as a way to make a difference in others lives, while at the same time supporting her own family. 

This week from August 30th to September 2nd you can purchase a TOH piece through the following link and help us provide a better life for women just like you and me:


TOH just released their Fall Line and it's gorgeous - some of my favorite products to peek your interest are:

I came across these facts from Trades of Hope that I wanted to leave you with -- if they stir your heart like they did mine, then you'll understand the impact and change you can make with a single purchase!

1. 40% of all working women make less than $2 a day. 
2. Women are paid, in general, 25 cents to a mans dollar. 
3. Of the world's 1.3 billion people in poverty, 70% are women.
4. About 80% of the world's 27 million refugees are women & children.
5. The primary victims of today's wars are civilian women and their children, not soldiers.

Will you help us in empowering and supporting women around the world through fashion? We hope to see you at our shopping party here! Interested in hosting your own party? Link up with Steph here on Facebook or at @steph.trades.hope for Instagram!