Cuddle + Kind: Fighting Hunger

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Elleanor should be synonymous for adventure. From the moment we held our daughter in our arms, we knew she would be a mix of wild curiosity and gentle kindness. She’s the girl in the twirly dress that wants to run through puddles and collect sticks and rocks as treasure. At the same time, though, she’s the girl constantly drawing notes and cutting paper pieces to give as gifts to friends and strangers alike. She can be all of these things and more because she’s blessed with the basics that not every child is afforded – a home, a family, nutritious food and an opportunity to go to school.

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This storyline isn’t every child’s though. Sadly, more than 66 million primary school-aged children attend classes every day hungry. How can they thrive on empty stomachs? Scarier still, 45% of deaths in children under 5 are caused by poor nutrition. To think of Elleanor at this age having to go to school each day without a belly full of good food breaks my heart.

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When we come across companies that are actively targeting real-world issues like this, our hearts leap for joy. Over Christmas, Elleanor received a beautiful handcrafted doll from her cousins made by the incredible family-owned business Cuddle + Kind. The dolls come in so many adorable varieties for boys and girls and are made by artisans in Peru. As a fair trade company, Cuddle + Kind employs local artisans that hand knit, loom, embroider and crochet vibrant and whimsical dolls. Even more inspirational is that every doll provides 10 meals for children in need!

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Quality + Life Giving

1 Doll = 10 Meals Given

Cuddle + Kind partners with the World Food Program and several other humanitarian organizations to directly address the issues of hunger around the world. Through these partnerships, C + K has provided almost 3 million (yes, million!) meals around the world.

Many children are fed through feeding programs in schools. Other partnerships, like their work with Children’s Hunger Fund, provides Food Paks, which are boxes of nutritious, non-perishable staple foods providing families in need with food security.

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Elleanor owns Sadie the Fox which she has lovingly nicknamed “Foxy Loxy.” Sadie is adventurous and brave, just like Elleanor, so they make the perfect team. We love how thoughtfully Sadie was made and the quality of the knitting. These pieces are true heirloom quality, and dolls that can be past down generationally!

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Here is a great illustration of the global impact of Cuddle + Kind: (*image via Cuddle + Kind).


In a world full of cheaply made toys fueling sweatshops and trafficking problems, it's refreshing to find ethically made children's products that are targeting real issues. Each Cuddle + Kind doll comes in either a 13" or 20" option with 22 dolls to choose from! Everything from bears, to mermaids and unicorns.

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These dolls are whimsical and make the sweetest gift or addition to your family. You can learn more about C + K via their Instagram page, Facebook page, or Website!

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