You & Me: The Collection

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Elleanor is my sweet chatter box -- on the nights where Phil works shifts, we have a sleepover and  she's often still talking to me as I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. I love that our conversations range from topics like mermaids to more serious talks on kindness and friendship.

This month, one of our favorite jewelry companies, Sela Designs, released the You & Me collection.  The founder and maker, Ashleigh, designed the most thoughtful pieces that can be shared with the younger girls in your life -- whether it's a daughter, granddaughter, neice, friend, god-daughter or otherwise, these pieces are meant to be conversation starters for those dear to you.

Ashleigh says this about You & Me:  "A collection of pieces designed for women and girls to start conversations about kindness, giving and global issues like poverty and trafficking."

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All profits from this collection specifically will be donated to Rehema House, which is a pregnancy safe house run by Mercy House Global in Kenya. The maternity homes through Mercy House Global provide prenatal and post-natal care, education, life and vocation skills, spiritual development and counseling for the women there -- it's an amazing mission and each purchase form this collection is impacting the lives of those living there.

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Elleanor and I were thrilled to wear the tassel necklaces from the collection -- we both treasure our thoughtfully made pieces, and each time we wear them together it's an opportunity for me to tell Ellie about what Sela is doing and how her sweet necklace is actually impacting others.

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If you are looking for a gift for Mother's Day, I can't think of a better present. Ashleigh has created  several necklace options as well as earrings! You can see her whole collection here!

We did a whole write up and personal chat with Ashleigh a few months back -- you can read more about her story HERE!


The Betty Dress | Trove 

The Tassel Necklaces | Sela Designs 

Leather Smoking Flats  | The Root Collective

Toddler Shirt | Eden by Elegantees 

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