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You & Me: The Collection

This month, one of our favorite jewelry companies, Sela Designs, released the You & Me collection.  The founder and maker, Ashleigh, designed the most thoughtful pieces that can be shared with the younger girls in your life -- whether it's a daughter, granddaughter, neice, friend, god-daughter or otherwise, these pieces are meant to be conversation starters for those dear to you.

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Pals Socks: Where Differences are Beautiful

A few weeks ago we were introduced to the sweetest company with the most amazing, world-changing mission: Pals Socks. A simple concept of the most adorable mismatched socks is teaching children and adults alike that the pieces of us that are different are actually our greatest attributes. Owner and founder Hannah Lavon designs sock friends that come in so many adorable pairs, to include dragons and unicorns, bears and bees, polar bears and penguins and so many more. From baby all the way up to adult sizes, the sweet socks are singing a manifesto that we don't all have to match -- in fact, that's what makes us great! 

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