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Unity Outfitters: The Sustainable Lingerie Brand

As you might expect with a namesake for a blog that includes “indigo," we are passionate about highlighting small businesses that are using existing natural resources and materials to ethically create products. We’ve always found the area of undergarments and lingerie to be a challenging one to navigate and find quality pieces and from fair trade sources. However, we were recently connected with the brand Unity Outfitters and their amazing and beautiful founder, Katina Gad. Unity Outfitters is a size-inclusive, ethically produced lingerie brand that uses natural dyes and responsibly sourced materials. Resources such as organic indigo, turmeric and even rose hips are used in the thoughtful dyeing process to produce the vibrant colors in all of the pieces.

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Zaaina Skin Care: Beauty from Nature

I can remember the days of curling up in my bed, flipping through teen magazines and reading the latest DIY beauty tips. It always fascinated me to discover new and unusual remedies -- everything from avocado and mayonnaise as hair conditioners, to homemade toners and face masks made from citrus and pantry items. While they were always fun to experiment with at home, I can’t say I that I really understood the benefits of using natural ingredients until I became a mom.

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