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9 Green Beauty Swaps for Sensitive Skin

Green Beauty ... that term is everywhere now, but until recently I didn't understand how beneficial clean, all-natural products were for my skincare. If you had asked me just a few years ago, I wouldn't even know where to begin to describe the benefits. I cleaned my skin regularly already and put products on it that seemed to feel good, so why would I need to change anything? Then this happened…

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The Root Collective: Who made your shoes?

If you've been following our blog journey over the last year, then you've likely heard me mention The Root Collective on many occasions. When people ask me about why I'm passionate about Ethical Fashion, TRC brand plays such a large role in shaping my heart and decision making about purchases.

A few years ago, I had stumbled across a boutique in one of our neighboring towns that sold apparel, shoes and jewelry that were from companies committed to making a positive impact in our world. I loved the concept and the fact that every piece had a story. Fast-forward several months and I heard about a "sip and shop" at the storefront with TRC Founder and CEO, Bethany Tran. I heard about this company only briefly, but I knew they were making adorable shoes that were changing lives, and I had to learn more.

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Trove: A Brand that Delights in Dignity

I was recently introduced to the beautiful brand Trove, and have fallen in love with their business model and the variety they offer their customers. Founder and CEO, Jaclyn Dowdle, started Trove with the mission to provide sustainable clothing that was also stylish and affordable. The unique aspect of Trove is that they have a pre-order model that helps to cutdown on costs and make the price-point for customers more affordable! In other words, the customer chooses the style and fabric from Trove's website, and once purchased THEN the piece is produced and shipped! I love how that concept alone helps to cutdown on product waste as well!

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"Wired" for Creativity

We are always talking about what to do next. Brainstorming the possibilities and discussing what both you, the reader, and quite honestly us, the authors, want to learn and read about next. Since we moved here now ten years ago we have noticed that our community's art scene has taken off like a wildfire. The Lowcountry certainly offers a beautiful landscape, with so many natural wonders and seasons that lend so much inspirations to artists. There is also so much beauty in the cultural landscapes found here, and the deep rooted history in a place that dates back to pre-Revolutionary times. So we decided that what we really wanted to do was start highlighting some of the amazing local artists that are right here in our backyard. 

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Suburban Boheme: Repurposed Vintage

It's such a pleasure to feature Kelli Goodloe of Suburban Boheme on the blog today! Kelli is an amazing seamstress and mastermind creative that takes clothing most of us would walk past in a store and reconstructs the fabric into beautiful and new silhouettes. Like a modern-day treasure hunter, Kelli seeks out unique vintage styles and dreams up stunning patterns, thoughtfully sewing each new product herself.

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Sseko Designs: Fashion on a Mission

My Sseko story in some ways takes me back to 2012. I traveled to Uganda with my sister as part of a missions trip to work with orphans. I had big dreams of making a lasting impact on the life of one of the boys or girls there, but in reality they were the ones that changed me. There is so much joy in those little ones that have nothing. It broke me in the best way.

Fast forward to 2016 and I still couldn’t shake the thought of Uganda and what it meant to me. That year, I came home to a surprise gift from my husband: a purse from Sseko Designs. And to my complete joy, I learned how Sseko was making an impact on the lives of young girls in the heart of Uganda. It felt like my passion for this country and my love for ethical fashion had just intersected in the sweetest way.

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Redeeming Stories with Pennies

Worthless. Invaluable. Overlooked. Sadly, the same characteristics associated with this copper coin are the labels that many women today put on themselves. One organization, though, is on a mission to restore the dignity and worth of women, and their impact starts with a penny.

The Soteria Initiative was founded by Khue Paige as a jewelry company that give pennies a new purpose (on necklaces) and provides employment to women in Phoenix. Their goal? To empower women to break the cycle of abuse and exploitation -- because in their words "freedom is worth every penny". We couldn't agree more!

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Zaaina Skin Care: Beauty from Nature

I can remember the days of curling up in my bed, flipping through teen magazines and reading the latest DIY beauty tips. It always fascinated me to discover new and unusual remedies -- everything from avocado and mayonnaise as hair conditioners, to homemade toners and face masks made from citrus and pantry items. While they were always fun to experiment with at home, I can’t say I that I really understood the benefits of using natural ingredients until I became a mom.

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Beauty from the Inside Out

Be Pure Beauty, founded by Girl Boss and Visionary, April Manring, provides carefully researched natural products helping others discover "beauty from the inside out." April and her team have a darling storefront in Chapel Hill, N.C., but also offer an online option with their products, services and resources. April's amazing background and story that brought Be Pure Beauty to life is really inspiring, and will have you seeing self-care and beauty products in a whole new way! 

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Fair Fashion: Noonday Collection

There isn't much sweeter than spotlighting both an organization and a person that you love and call a friend! Today I'm tickled to chat with my friend Kristine, an Ambassador for Noonday Collection! Kristine and I met more than a 15 years ago when Phil and I were living in Massachusetts. She truly has a heart for people, and her love for others and passion for Noonday will inspire you to get involved!

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Trades of Hope: Changing Lives

Fashion that empowers and provides a better future is my heartbeat. Just over a year ago I really started researching how I could more intentionally purchase products and support businesses who are making an impact on our world. With the endless amount of online and department store options for accessory and home items, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. However, businesses like Trades of Hope are making it really easy to purchase in a way that changes lives.

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On baby bellies and works of art

She couldn't take her eyes off of it. After a good rub, she looked up at me with a smile that could melt the hardest heart, affectionately patting her tummy over and over. I sat there watching her...and it struck me as both beautiful and sad. She looked at that little belly with the purest heart, knowing that it was hers -- a masterpiece. I couldn't help but wonder if we all start out that way -- in love with the design and creation of our Father -- round bellies and all. And then I wondered, at what point do our affections for His work of art -- Me and You-- turn into self-loathing?

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