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Sewn to Restore: Elegantees

Just over a year ago I started to hear more about ethical clothing and the negative impact that the fast fashion industry is having on our world. I had no idea how poor the conditions, wages and treatment of most factory workers really was until I dug deeper. How could this still be going on, and how as a society are we allowing it (even enabling it) to happen? Not only are conditions awful, but many people, (including children) are being forced into situations where they are sexually exploited and enslaved. Even today, slavery is still in existence and and a thriving criminal industry...sadly many of the products that you and I currently buy can be traced back to slavery. So how do we begin to tackle such a large and devastating problem? How do actively fight for the voiceless? 

Businesses like Elegantees are taking a firm stand and using ethical fashion to actually restore hope to victims of sexual crimes, create sustainable jobs and empower others. 

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