The Root Collective: Who made your shoes?

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If you've been following our blog journey over the last year, then you've likely heard me mention The Root Collective on many occasions. When people ask me about why I'm passionate about Ethical Fashion, TRC brand plays such a large role in shaping my heart and decision making about purchases.

A few years ago, I had stumbled across a boutique in one of our neighboring towns that sold apparel, shoes and jewelry that were from companies committed to making a positive impact in our world. I loved the concept and the fact that every piece had a story. Fast-forward several months and I heard about a "sip and shop" at the storefront with TRC Founder and CEO, Bethany Tran. I heard about this company only briefly, but I knew they were making adorable shoes that were changing lives, and I had to learn more.

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I left that pop-up shop not only with one of my first ethical purchases in hand, but also with a new-found knowledge on how my purchase that day contributed to sustainable and meaningful employment to families in Guatemala. I loved knowing the answer to this question: Who made my shoes? -- It's the type of question I now ask myself each time I pursue a purchase.

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If you aren't familiar with The Root Collective, Bethany started the company a few years ago to address the issue of gang culture and poverty in La Limonada in Guatemala City. Boys in Guatemala are often lured into gangs at a very young age, and without hope for alternative employment, they are stuck in a dangerous and vicious cycle.

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After connecting with shoemaker, Otto, in Guatemala, a partnership was formed and a business opportunity was born -- fabric and shoes created and assembled by artisans, not only providing boys an alternative to gangs by working with Otto, but also adding opportunities for women's cooperatives to weave the fabrics for the shoes!

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Each Season, TRC launches a select number of new colors and styles -- everything from leather boots and vivid flats, to summery wedges and fall-inspired smoking flats. 

Since meeting Bethany, I have added six pairs of shoes to my closet from TRC -- the only shoes I've purchased or have been gifted since changing our family's consumer habits. 

This past week I had the honor of styling the latest color of the Gaby Flat in Jade on TRC's Instagram page! You can head there and see a few of my different outfits -- I've also included them throughout this post. 

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What I love about TRC is the shoes are versatile -- I can wear them with leggings as I run errands, or I can dress them up for date night or work -- they are high-quality staples in my closet.

If you are new to TRC and are interested in getting your hands on a pair of these beautiful, world-changing shoes, then feel free to use this link to get $20 off your first purchase!! 


If you already own a pair of TRC shoes, I would love to hear how you style them! 


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